Why do we need to practice safety measures when sewing?

Sewing over pins can cause them to break and potentially fly out at you. In addition to the potential danger, though, a breaking pin could also damage your machine or fabric.

How will you practice safety when sewing?

CUT AWAY – When considering sewing safety, always cut away from your body and never roll back and forth with the blade on the fabric. Cut cleanly and directly. Don’t make cross-over cuts but rather use your cutting ruler and cut on one side. If you are right-handed cut on the right side.

Why do we need to follow safety procedures in cleaning the sewing machine?

When you have trouble with your sewing machine, a good rule to follow is “clean it first.” Many problems are caused by dust, lint, or thread ends that have collected on the working parts of the machine. Simply brushing lint and dust from the machine each time it is used is a good way to prevent many problems.

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Why is it important to follow the instructions on how do you operate a sewing machine?

The more you learn about the way it works, the easier it will be to troubleshoot problems. And if you keep your machine running smoothly, you’ll be able to sew all the projects you desire.

How can you prevent risk and hazard when using a sewing machine?

Tips to Avoid Injuries While Sewing

  1. Unplug Your Machine When You Are Not Sewing. Sewing machines often lead to unexpected shocks. …
  2. Practice Proper Needle Use. …
  3. Don’t Force a Foot. …
  4. Always Remove Your Pins Before Sewing. …
  5. Don’t Slump! …
  6. Work at Comfortable Speeds – Don’t Rush. …
  7. Always Focus on Safety.

How important is safety and precautionary measures in doing needlecraft activity?


  • Keep all needlework during work breaks in the product package;
  • Keep all small parts from the set in special bags with a zip lock;
  • When working do not bite through the thread with your teeth or tear it with your hands;

What are the safety rules to follow when working in the sewing lab?

Keep fingers at a safe distance from the needle and the presser foot. Keep eyes on the needle; do not talk to others while you are sewing. Wait until the person sewing is finished before talking to them. Keep your foot off the foot control when not actually sewing.

What is the importance of observing safety measures in the workplace?

A safe and healthy workplace not only protects workers from injury and illness, it can also lower injury/illness costs, reduce absenteeism and turnover, increase productivity and quality, and raise employee morale. In other words, safety is good for business.

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Why is it important to keep the sewing machine clean and lubricated?

Lubrication is a crucial element in the efficiency and life-expectancy of any rotating equipment. Lubrication reduces friction and allows moving machine parts to slide smoothly past each other.

Why is it important to use sewing tools and equipment properly?

The skillful use of the different sewing equipment will help take body measurement and drafting pattern with accuracy and speed. Success in sewing calls for the right tools at the right time. All tools must be appropriate in a proper order and one must know how to use them to save time and produce the best result.

Why it is important to thread sewing machine accurately?

Threading sewing machines is not a task to be feared, and it is important that the machine is threaded correctly, exactly as stated in the owner’s manual, because if the machine is not threaded correctly, the machine will not stitch correctly.

What is the importance of knowing the hazards and risk when operating a sewing machine?

It is always very important for an Operator to be aware of the hazards associated with sewing machine operations as many of the injuries are caused by error, carelessness or inattentiveness on the part of the Operator.

What means safety measures?

noun. a measure taken to increase or ensure safety or protection from danger.