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First Summer Dress 2010

Its going to be summer here in sunny California! In fact, it feels like summer is already here, my flowers are blooming, my trees are leafy (and thirst for water) and our house is warm and sunny! So it is time to bust out my first summer dress of the year — dress copy cat!

Other people copy designer dresses, but I copy my fellow burdastylers (well, they are designers too!). This dress is a blatant copy of Vivat VeritasGarden Party Dress. I fell in love with her backless dress and I was just dying to make one! It was really easy to make, except I think my back hole is not as big as hers. I think this might be because I just used the back pattern with a half circle cut off from it, while she might have seperated the back piece into two. I am planning to make another one with the backless detail.

She has so many backless dress that its not even funny, She is my backless heroin. *drooooooooooooooool*

To make, download the free Danielle pattern, print out the parts with the front and back bodice. cut out a half circle from the back pattern (I made sure that the narrowest point is still bigger than 1 inch so that i can flip the right side out after stitching the shell to the lining), and used the same pattern for both shell and lining. Then cut out a few squares for the waist and the skirt part, tada! I only used 1 yard of Vera Wang’s cotton lycra from fabric mart — its a very breezy and thin crisp cotton from fabric mart, I still have 2 yards left, maybe for a kimono!

p.s. I got those awesome studded high heels from Target last year for only like, 15 dollars, yay for bargain shoes– I am close to the “normal” petite height of 5’4 in those!