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Petite Republic Giveaway – Hot Pink Romance!

Its time for my giveaway again! I am going to make this end on Friday, so that I can mail out this dress at the same time as the last give away! This will be the last give away for probably 6-8 weeks, but I got more coming after I am done with the wedding!

This time, I am giving away my HOT PINK ROMANCE dress! I love the cut of this dress, but I need a little more boobies for this. Also, the pink is a little too daring (the picture makes it look darker than it really is). You will also need a little sewing skills to finish the hemming the way you want (i would suggest bubble skirt! So any petite, daring, and blessed (up there) seamstress want this? Just leave a comment! As long as you promise to attempt to wear it, I will give it!


  • smells slightly like clorine from some bleaching attempts to fix the color (should come off after a few washes)
  • needs hemming
  • made from polyester
  • crazy pink color

Size requirement:

  • waist: ~25
  • boobies: ~33 -35

Any daring girls out there who will make a statement with this dress?

Petite Republic Give Away– big circle circle dress!

Have you ever sewn something that you liked and were proud of, only to keep it hidden in the closet and never wear it? I know I have done plenty of that. Sometimes,  it is just not my style; sometimes, the fitting isnt perfect; and sometimes, i just don’t get a chance to wear it that often.

But what do you do with all that nicely sewn stuff in your closet? I don’t like to donate them with all my other cloths — simply because whoever who are shopping in thrift stores will not realize that someone had put all that effort into making this garment, and it will not be appreciated since its not a name brand.

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Wedding Dress Alteration

For as long as I had been in the sewing world, I have had a fiance. Finally, he would be my official husband (he’s my sort-of-husband right now, since we are really legally married) this May, when we finally have our wedding ceremony. The second most important part of being a bride is having a beautiful and fitted dress to wear on her wedding! (The most important part is to be surrounded by people she loves!) I sold out and bought a dress last year instead of sewing my own — it just seemed too intimidating to sew my own! (However, I am still itching to sew up a last minute wedding dress… we will see!)

Of course, the dress does not fit me perfectly — even though its a bridal size 0 (and they say that bridal sizes are smaller than street size!) and a petite (still 5 inches too long with heels!). Being a cheapo (and more because I deem myself as a decent seamstress), I decided to alter it myself instead of sending it to a pro, and oh boy, look at this explosion on my sewing desk:

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