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Juebejue’s tips on making a pair of Jeans!

Hello! Now that I have shown you how I altered the Anita Jeans, I am going to share with you some tips. I must first clarify that I am just a hobby seamstress, and I have made only 2 pair of jeans, a year apart. However, I hope my tips here would be useful for you. SS also has a lot of useful tips from making her jeans.

Top stitch, top stitch, top stitch!!!!

I LOVE top stitching, it is so soothing and therapeutic. No thinking, no swearing, just press the pedal  and go. Here is a few reason why you should top stitch: Continue reading

The Making of a Perfect Pair (of Jeans)

I had been wearing my awesome jeans everyday, and now im going to share how I altered the Anita Pattern to make a pair of butt hugging and slightly flared jeans.

(note that all the pictures can be clicked on for full size)

Butt hugging

On the two leg pattern pieces, there is a line across the hip area: “shorten or lengthen here”. I folded along that line and took off a total of 2 inches (the fold was 1 inch tall). Note that I am only 4’11 tall while this pattern was made for someone 5’6&1/4 , so for the taller petite girls, you might want to take off LESS than that. Continue reading

The Perfect Jean

I made the most perfect pair of jeans for myself in the past 2 weeks, after the selfish seamstress have posted multiple jean teasers just to tempt me into making another pair of jeans for myself. Continue reading