Can you get overcoats tailored?

Like with almost all your clothing, your coats can and should be tailored, but you always want to make sure at least the shoulders fit, because it’s very difficult and costly for a tailor to fix these, if they can at all.

Are overcoats out of style?

Traditionally, it’s a very classic look that won’t go out of style anytime soon. If you go to the department store these days, you will find lots of shorter overcoats because that’s the current fashion, at the same time, it won’t stand the test of time, and it makes you colder.

How much can a coat be taken in?

The rule of thumb is that you can go down two sizes at a maximum, but a suit jacket or blazer only one size too large is a safer option. The problem is always that jackets that are too large can also be too large in the shoulders, which is a more challenging thing to alter.

How do I find a tailor?

How to Find a Great Tailor No Matter Where You Live

  1. Pick somebody nice. …
  2. Look for a tailor who takes appointments. …
  3. Seek recommendations. …
  4. Find someone who understands style. …
  5. Make sure the tailor is available. …
  6. Examine their work. …
  7. Educate yourself.
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Can you have a peacoat altered?

Can coats be adjusted a full size by a tailor? No. There is too much to be done. The most difficult thing for a tailor to alter on any suit-like garment (that is, any garment that is considered “constructed” because it has some kind of stiffening inside it) is the shoulders.

Can I get a jacket tailored?

Your tailor can add some fabric to your jacket to make the garment a bit roomier. You have the option of leaving the zipper exposed for an edgier look or hiding it.

Can you get a coat taken in?

If you want to shorten your coat length, make sure that you take it to a tailor. Some tailors even discourage shortening coat lengths since it affects where the pockets sit. But if your tailor says he can do it, or if you are doing it by yourself at home, make sure that you shorten it by no more than an inch.

Can a tailor take in a trench coat?

I often get questions on whether coats can be altered from regular to petite sizing. Fact of the matter is almost anything can be altered if you have a skilled tailor and unlimited budget! … My tailor has successfully done a few jackets for me before so I decided it was worth a shot.

Are overcoats too formal?

Some are more casual and don’t work with formalwear as well, while some are so formal they’d look out of place over jeans. The key is to pick an overcoat with the fit, length, fabric, and style that give it a not-too-formal, not-too-casual look that will be appropriate for nearly every occasion.

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How heavy is an overcoat?

Today, 18 or 19 ounces is something that’s considered an overcoat weight.