Frequent question: What is the best fabric to make a shower curtain?

The Fabric You want to pick a fabric that stands up to moisture, like vinyl, polyester, or a polyester-cotton blend. A typical shower curtain measures 72″ by 72″ and a stall shower curtain, 50″ by 78″. As most fabrics don’t come in a 72-inch width, you’ll have to put together two panels.

What fabric should I use for shower curtain?

While they can be more expensive, cotton is generally a good choice for your shower curtain. Cotton curtains can be the most durable and are also the easiest to wash, but must be done each month. Due to their fabric and look, cotton shower curtains can a more luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Is cotton or polyester better for a shower curtain?

100% polyester fabric curtains are durable. And they tend to shrink less when compared to other materials. 100% cotton curtains are one of the most durable choices but should be used with a liner to avoid mold and mildew stains.

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How much fabric do I need to make a shower curtain?

In most prints or solid colors, a shower curtain will take 5 yards of 45”- or 54”-wide fabric pieced together to make the needed width. If the print has a large repeat, more fabric will be needed to match the design, so check the repeat distance before purchasing yardage.

Is Linen good for a shower curtain?

A fabric shower curtain like canvas, cotton, hemp, and linen is both eco-friendly and luxurious looking. These fabrics are easily laundered according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, they aren’t waterproof, so a good-quality liner is essential to keep the rest of the bathroom dry.

Is microfiber good for shower curtain?

Repels water and dries quickly

Protect your bathroom floors and keep the water in the shower with our Water Repellent Microfiber Shower Liner. The super soft liner can be used alone or with a decorative shower curtain. The Fabric Shower Curtain is designed to repel water and dry quickly.

Is Peva or polyester better for shower curtain?

PEVA is the most waterproof, however, it is not the safest material. It is safer than PVC but still can be harmful. If you want to avoid PEVA, polyester will be the best choice for a liner. Polyester is more water resistant than nylon so it dries quicker when it’s wet.

Do polyester shower curtains need liners?

Polyester shower curtains are a bit softer than vinyl and also don’t require a liner. Many are washer and dryer safe, which makes them simple to clean. Microfiber curtains offer the durability of vinyl along with the luxury of fabric and are machine washable.

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Is polyester water proof?

Both nylon and polyester resist water, but polyester resists it better than nylon. Additionally, polyester’s water-resistant properties increase as the thread count rises. However, neither material is fully waterproof unless it’s coated with special materials.

Can you use just a fabric shower curtain?

While it’s certainly possible for fabric shower curtains to go without a liner, it is not recommended. Since fabric curtains can retain a lot more water, you’ll want to add a liner to protect it and provide additional privacy.

What can I use instead of shower curtain?

Shower curtain alternatives include hemp, cotton, shower blinds, sliding doors, pivot doors, bamboo panels, half screens, and open showers. Each alternative has it’s own benefits and drawbacks and the one you choose depends on your personal situation.

Can you make a shower curtain from a sheet?

Just fold the sheet over and clip it to your plastic curtain liner. These hooks attach to the plastic shower curtain hooks. I found the hooks at my local Walmart in the laundry section.

Can you sew 2 shower curtains together?

A standard shower curtain has the finished size of approx. 72 x 72 inches with 12 holes for the rings. Because most fabrics are 45 – 57 inches wide, you’ll need to sew two panels of fabric together to achieve that 72 inch width. … When the two panels are sewn together, you’ll have an all-over pattern.

How far apart are the holes on a shower curtain?

The grommets on either end of the curtain should be spaced 1” from the edges of the curtain (hence the minus 2”). Shower curtains typically hang from 12 hooks with 11 spaces in between those 12 hooks, so you will divide your “width minus two” amount by 11. For example, my curtain was 78” wide.

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Should you put curtains in a bathroom?

Curtains are a perennially popular bathroom window treatment for good reason. They offer privacy and light control, but they also come in a wide range of fabrics and, if you’re a DIYer, are simple to make. … And bathrooms are small, making them perfect candidates for experimenting with colors and styles.