Frequent question: Where should a label be placed on a quilt?

How do you label a finished quilt?

Here are some great, creative ways to label your quilt, so you get credit where credit is due!

  1. Twill Tape.
  2. Print Your Own on Freezer Paper. I do this every time I send a quilt off to be displayed in a quilt show. …
  3. Embroidery.
  4. Custom Woven Quilt Label.

Where does the label go on a quilt of valor?

Quilt Labels

  • The words “Quilt of Valor.”
  • The quilt maker(s) name and state, including the maker of the top, the quilter (machine or hand), and the binder. Full names are acceptable.
  • Space to fill in the name of the awardee.

What information should go on a quilt label?

Top information to include on quilt labels:

  • Date.
  • Quilt maker’s name.
  • Name of the quilt.
  • Name of the recipient.
  • Name of the quilter.
  • Location made.
  • Occasion quilt made for.
  • Personal message.

How big should a quilt label be?

It’s up to you but the first three items are very important! In terms of size, the choice is yours. My quilt labels are generally about 6 x 4″, with a small allowance for turning the edges under to stitch on the quilt.

What are the rules for a quilt of valor?

There are standards that all Quilts of Valor must meet. They must be a generous lap-sized quilt (minimum of 55 inches by 65 inches) made with quality fabrics, and machine or hand quilted. They must include a Quilts of Valor label that includes the name(s) of the quilter, and a blank space for the name of the recipient.

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Do Quilts of Valor have to be red white and blue?

A Quilt of Valor does not have to be red, white and blue, but patriotic colors are very popular with recipients. Panels can provide a great focal point and bring in other colors. Think creatively with the recipient in mind.

What makes a quilt of valor?

What is a Quilt of Valor? A Quilt of Valor® (QOV) is a quality, handmade quilt that is machine or hand quilted. It is awarded to a Service Member or Veteran who has been touched by war. The Quilt says unequivocally, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice in serving our nation.”