How do you make Styrofoam yarn balls?

How do you wrap yarn around a Styrofoam ball?

Step 1: Place a dot of glue in the middle of a Styrofoam ball. Place the end of yarn in the middle of glue dot to secure and wrap the yarn around the Styrofoam ball several times through glue dot.

How do you attach fabric to Styrofoam balls?

Cut a small piece of fabric and place it on top of the Styrofoam. Place a knitting needle in the center of the fabric and push, creating a small hole in the Styrofoam. The fabric will remain in the hole. Repeat several times for a cheerful display of fabrics.

What can I use instead of Styrofoam balls?

woo hoo!! Alternative to styrofoam balls: take a sheet of newspaper, roll it into a tight ball and tape it with packaging tape & spray paint white. You can buy a roll of packaging tape for $3.50 at Dollar General and make all the balls you want!!

How do you make rag balls with Styrofoam balls?


  1. Cut/rip fabric into strips about half an inch wide. Length doesn’t really matter.
  2. Apply a dot of hot glue onto Styrofoam ball.
  3. Affix one end of fabric to hot glue. …
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the Styrofoam ball is completely covered in fabric “rags”.
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What is the best adhesive for foam?

Sculptors and Multimedia Artists Use the Best Adhesives for Foam

  • Liquid Nails Latex Adhesive. Liquid Nails is an extremely strong construction adhesive for use with foams and plastics. …
  • 3M Foam Fast Spray Adhesive. …
  • Wilsonart Water-Based Adhesive. …
  • Loctite Foamboard Adhesive. …
  • 3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive.

Why is styrofoam so expensive?

Its commercial cost is due to its lightweight composition – Styrofoam is mostly made out tiny pellets of #6 plastic* and air, which makes it very light and easy to ship. … The ubiquitous single-use plastic takes up 30% of landfill space- about 2.5 million tons or so of Styrofoam goes to the landfill every single year.

How long does it take for styrofoam to decompose?

Non-Biodegradable Pollutant

It is unknown how long it takes for polystyrene to biodegrade. Some experts estimate the decomposition of Styrofoam to 500 years, with limited recycling options.

How do you attach beads to styrofoam?

Thread the pearls on the pins. Put a button on the styrofoam ball and put the pins in the holes, locking the button on the ball in the two holes. Then, continue pinning the other buttons until the entire surface of the ball is covered with buttons. You can overlay the buttons, as well.

What are Styrofoam balls?

Polystyrene balls are tiny polymer molecules that have been infused with air to increase their size. … The polymers used to form polystyrene balls start off as molecules measuring just 0.02 inches (0.5 mm) in diameter.

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How do you use a styrofoam ball?

Styrofoam balls are fun to use in craft projects. You can paint them, push pipe cleaners into them, glue eyes and felt to them, turn them into robots, the list goes on.