How do you recharge mala beads?

You can charge mala beads by leaving them lay out in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. The energy of the sun and moon is said to clear the beads returning them to their own pure vibration. Be mindful of how long you leave gemstones in the sun as the extreme heat could damage them.

How do you take care of a Mala?


Soak the beads for some time (some suggest leaving it overnight). Use a delicate brush to scrub the beads. Leave to fully dry. After cleaning, you can also brush your mala with coconut or sandalwood oil.

Can you wear Mala beads all the time?

The Mala are meant to help you to remain focused, they do this by being a tactile reminder of what you are meant to be doing – meditating. Buddhists do not always wear their beads, some actually prefer to keep them to themselves and use them only for meditation and prayer.

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How do you cleanse Mala with a singing bowl?

Vibration with Singing Bowls.

The vibrations of sound helps to “Power” and cleanse your energy. It works the same way for your Mala. Place your Mala near your singing bowl , play the bowl while chanting Mantra “OM”.

How do you bless a new mala?

How to activate your mala

  1. Find a quiet place to sit.
  2. Hold your mala beads in your hands. …
  3. Return to your normal breathing pattern and focus on your breath. …
  4. Now focus on your intention and mantra.
  5. Hold your mala in your right hand hanging between the thumb and the middle finger with the index finger pointed outward.

Can other people touch your mala?

When someone curiously touches or holds your mala don’t worry, let it go. You can always cleanse your mala. If you set your mala beads on the ground, some practices believe this is a sign of disrespect and the mala will lose its energies. If this happens, you will simply recharge your mala and set the intentions again.

Why do mala have 108 beads?

In the yogic tradition the beads are used in japamala practice to recite mantras in meditation (hence the name). A full cycle of 108 repetitions is counted on the mala so the practitioner can focus on the sounds, vibration and meaning of what is being said.

What does it mean if your mala breaks?

A broken mala represents a broken cycle. While that might make you feel sad at first, it is traditionally viewed as a sign of good luck. A broken mala symbolizes spiritual growth. The intention you set for it may be completed or you are in a different place in your life and you may need new energy and intentions.

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What does the tassel represent on a mala?

Mala Beads are commonly finished with a tassel, often made of silk or cotton. The tassel represents connection to spirit, or your highest truth.

How do you pray with mala beads?

How do I use them?

  1. Hold your mala with one hand.
  2. Let it drape across your fingers so you can move it easily. …
  3. Complete one full breath (inhale and exhale).
  4. Move your fingers to the next bead, breathing in and out once per bead.
  5. Finish at the guru bead to complete 108 breaths.

What are the beads in the singing bowl for?

Malas are a string of beads used to count mantras or breaths in meditation. There may be a large or guru bead to signal the starting point for 108 repetitions. The bowl is 10cm in diameter, has a cushion and stick, and comes in it’s own display box.

What wrist do you wear mala beads?

Traditional malas are almost always worn on the right hand, wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet.

Where should I keep my mala beads?

When not wearing your beads, they should be kept in a safe place, away from liquids that may spill or in places where they may be snagged or broken. Ideally, mala beads should be additionally stored in a soft satchel or case, such as other jewelry. This will prevent them from being scratched or marred during storage.

How do I choose a mantra?

When it comes to choosing a mantra, always use and trust your intuition. If you don’t like the sound of something or it feels difficult for you to pronounce, then feel free to experiment and try out another mantra. There is so much wisdom and magic in each of us, and mantras can be so personal.

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