How do you shrink a sewing pattern?

The slash and spread method is the easiest method for resizing a pattern, and will be your go-to in this situation. Make horizontal and vertical lines on your pattern piece, placed where you want the pattern to increase or decrease. Cut along those lines and spread to create the new pattern piece.

How do you scale a sewing pattern?

Take your ruler and cut your pattern horizontally and vertically. Use the lines as a guide. For example, if you need to scale the pattern up one inch, you would cut the pattern and spread the pieces 1/2″ on each side. If you need to scale it down, you would overlap the pieces instead.

How do you alter a pattern?

A pattern can be altered and adjusted three ways:

  1. By folding out excess fullness to make an area smaller.
  2. By slashing and spreading or overlapping along pattern lines to increase or decrease dimensions.
  3. By redrawing darts or seamlines.

How do you scale a plush pattern?

You can get the percentage to enlarge or shrink the pattern by dividing the SIZE YOU WANT by the SIZE YOU HAVE and then multiplying this by 100. For example, the toy SIZE YOU WANT is 3 inches and the pattern SIZE YOU HAVE is for a toy 5 inches in size…

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What is slash method?

The slash method, both slash and spread and slash and close is a fundamental pattern making technique in which a pattern piece is cut or slashed and then spread apart to add fullness or closed to reduce fullness. This technique is most often used to add fullness.

What is pattern manipulation?

Pattern Manipulation: The process in which you change and reshape pattern blocks to adjust the fit or incorporate a new design. Basic Pattern Set: A 5-piece set of flat patterning blocks consisting of a front and back bodice, a long sleeve, and a front and back skirt block.

How do you adjust a Sloper pattern?

Using a Sloper to Alter a Pattern

Clearly mark out your seamlines on your commercial pattern. Use a separate piece of tracing paper or tissue paper to trace the sloper. Then place this tracing on top of the commercial pattern. It’s essential for the centers to line up correctly.

How do I shrink a PDF pattern?

Open up the print dialog box. Type in the pattern pages you want printed. For decreasing: set “Custom scale” to your percentage (should be less than 100%). The page will print a smaller image on the same sheet.

How do I scale a pattern in Photoshop?

Once you’ve applied your style, go to Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects. Use the slider or type into the number box for the percent change you want. Here’s an example of when you might want to adjust the pattern size.

How do you adjust a cup size for a pattern?

Subtract your high bust from your full bust, and use the difference to figure out your pattern cup size:

  1. 1″ = A cup.
  2. 2″ = B cup.
  3. 3″ = C cup.
  4. 4″ = D cup.
  5. 5″ = DD cup.
  6. 6″ = DDD cup.
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