What can I use to hold beads in place?

Just wrap a piece of tape to the point on your thread where you’d like to start your beadwork. No beads will slip off while you begin, and you can slide the tape off the end of the thread when you’re sure everything’s in place. These little coiled gizmos are great for holding beads in place on stringing wire.

What can I use instead of a bead mat?

If you can’t find a bead mat, there are a variety of ways you can make one yourself. I find that a mouse pad works very well and is similar to the neoprene/silicone combination bead mats.

What material is used for bead mats?

MATERIAL: It is made from Polyester+Flocking + Sponge materials, soft and skidproof, ensure these beads in the right place, easy to access.

Can bead mats be washed?

Plus bead mats can be easily washed and cleaned.

How do you paint fake beadboard?

Apply a base coat of paint to the wall or other surface with a paintbrush or roller. While the base coat is still wet, apply the top coat. You will want to work quickly in the next step before the paint dries. Cut grooves into the squeegee with a utility knife that mimic the look of beadboard.

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