What does it mean to work back and forth in knitting?

What does it mean to work back and forth on circular needle?

Flat knitting (back and forth) on circular needles–how and why. … Knit normally. When you’ve knitted all the stitches off one tip, turn the whole business around by again putting the tip formerly in your right hand into your left hand, and the tip formerly in your left hand into your right hand.

What does work back mean in knitting?

back of your work: As in “yarn to the back.” The back of your work is the side of your work that faces away from you as you hold your needles. Not to be confused with the right and wrong side of your work, which refers to how you will wear the piece.

Can you use circular needles for normal knitting?

Circular needles can be used just like straights – at the end of each row, just switch the needles around as you would with normal single-points, meaning your project sits in your lap as you work, instead of weighing down your arms!

Can circular needles work flat?

Can you knit straight on circular needles? Yes! Circular knitting needles are great for knitting flat (back and forth) as well. The long cable is great for holding a large number of stitches on the needle as they can move freely along the cable and take the weight of your project.

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What does work rows mean in knitting?

If you have started decreasing for the top of the hat and it says work one row, it is probably talking about working a row between the decrease rows. So it would be like, do a decrease row and then work one row with out any changes, then do the next decrease row and so on.

What does work straight mean in knitting?

Work straight until

Continue to knit the work without any decreasing or increasing. Usually this is until a particular length is reached.

Can you just knit without purling?

Knitting backward is exactly what it seems, instead of turning your work over after a knit row to purl the next row, you just knit that row backward and that produces the same result as purling that row. … This technique doesn’t only allow you to knit the stockinette stitch without purling and save you a bunch of time.

What does slide mean in knitting?

Sliding stitches is a great way to add a single row of knitting in another color. It’s super-easy and the results can look more complicated than they are. For this tutorial, you’ll need work that’s already on the needles (OTN), and a second color of yarn.

What is reverse garter stitch?

Reverse garter stitch means you have to purl every single stitch across all rows. … So, by purling all stitches you create the exact same fabric. You only switch the right with the wrong sides but since it’s a reversible knitting stitch that hardly matters.

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