What is an edge stitch in knitting?

What is an edge stitch? … The edge stitch, often called selvedge or selvage (self-finished edge), refers to the stitches on the left and right sides of a flat knitting project. A selvage can be one or more stitches wide.

How do you add an edge stitch in knitting?

One way you can get a smooth edge along your piece is to only knit the first and last stitches on the right side, and slip the stitch on the wrong side. Be sure to slip it as if you were going to purl, not knit that stitch so the loop doesn’t twist. This is an example of a knitted Chain Edge.

What is EDGE edge stitch?

An edge stitch is a straight line of stitch made along the edge of the fabric (usually a folded edge) or the ditch of a seam (on the face of the fabric), at a distance of about 1/8 inch from the seamline or the edge. … So you sew a stitching line very close ( 1/8 inch or less) to the edge . This is edge stitching.

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