What is double yo knitting?

What does dyo mean in knitting?

The Double Yarn Over (dyo) is a great way to add a large eyelet to your work! You’ll likely see this abbreviated DYO (double yarn over), but this doesn’t seem to be as common as some other knitting abbreviations so I’ve seen it other ways too (e.g., double YO).

What is double knitting technique?

Most commonly it refers to a reversible colorwork technique where you knit with two strands held together. You cast on twice as many stitches (one for each side), and only knit each stitch with one color, holding the second color in a way it will be hidden between the two layers you create.

When knitting What does yo mean?

A yarn over creates a stitch only when you work the next stitch, but by itself, a yarn over does not make a stitch. … Here’s a video of how to work a simple yarn over between two knit stitches, as well as some slightly more complicated yarn over situations, followed by the same thing written out!

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