What is HTR in UK crochet?

These instructions are given in UK terminology. ‘Half treble crochet (htr)’ is the same stitch as the American ‘half double crochet (hdc)’. Half treble crochet is between double and treble crochet in size, and looks slightly looser than double crochet.

How do I HTR UK?

Half Treble Crochet (htr)

Insert hook into 3rd chain from hook, yoh again. Draw through chain, yoh again. Draw through all 3 loops on the hook. 1 half treble (htr) made.

What is a half treble crochet in UK terms?

The half treble crochet (UK) or half double crochet (US) stitch is a neat little stitch that’s ideal for blankets and cushions.

What does turn mean crochet?

Crochet turning is a big part of most patterns and instructions. But what does turn mean in crochet? Basically, it means to rotate the crochet piece you are working on from one side to the other.

Is there a half treble crochet?

Half treble (htr)

Half trebles are stitches that are the next height up to a double crochet stitch. The yarn is wrapped round the hook first before going into the stitch (or space) and then once pulled through the stitch (or space) there will be three loops on the hook. … Pull the yarn through the chain.

Is half double crochet American?

Half double crochet is a US crochet term; it’s called half treble crochet in UK crochet patterns. You can replace the double crochet stitch in many patterns with a half double crochet stitch for a shorter design that looks the same.

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