What is the message of the court of Empress Theodora mosaic?

In this mosaic the Three Magi appear in the hem of Theodora’s robes. This mosaic illustrates the meaning of royalty presenting objects of value to the church. Theodora was known to be the responsible of the victory of Justinian in Constantinople.

Why was Theodora’s speech important?

Her determined speech convinced Justinian and his officials and they attacked the Hippodrome, killing over 30,000 rebels and emerging victorious. Historians agree that it was Theodora’s courage and determination that saved Justinian’s empire.

What is the purpose of the Justinian mosaic in San Vitale?

This mosaic thus establishes the central position of the Emperor between the power of the church and the power of the imperial administration and military. Like the Roman Emperors of the past, Justinian has religious, administrative, and military authority.

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What is the central theme of the mosaic of Justinian at the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna?

A major theme of this mosaic program is the authority of the emperor in the Christian plan of history.

What does Theodora hold in the San Vitale mosaic?

The pinnacle of early imperial Byzantine dress is best seen in the mosaics of Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora at the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy (ca. … Theodora herself holds up a jeweled chalice, reaffirming her identity as the generous patron of the building.

What did Empress Theodora mean by the quote the Royal Purple is the noblest shroud?

According to Procopius, at a meeting of the government council, Theodora spoke out against leaving the palace and underlined the significance of someone who died as a ruler instead of living as an exile or in hiding, saying, “royal purple is the noblest shroud”.

What was Theodora’s suggestion to her husband and the male council?

Every man born to see the light of day must die. But that one who has been emperor should become an exile I cannot bear.” She suggested that Justinian, his generals, and the other officials stay and save the empire.

What is the purpose of mosaics?

Mosaics are often used as floor and wall decoration, and were particularly popular in the Ancient Roman world. Mosaic today includes not just murals and pavements, but also artwork, hobby crafts, and industrial and construction forms. Mosaics have a long history, starting in Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC.

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What was the purpose of San Basilica of San Vitale in Italy?

It was dedicated to the martyr Vitalis, the patron saint of Ravenna. At the time, the city was the capital of the Western Roman Empire. The octagonal structure is made of marble and capped by a lofty terra-cotta dome. The celebrated mosaics were strongly influenced by similar work at Constantinople (Istanbul).

What artistic technique was used to create emperor Justinian and his attendants?

When Justinian came to power in 527 CE, he underscored his legitimacy by leveraging both the artistic and political power of mosaics. Justinian’s authority over the government, senate, and church are clearly conveyed through a series of mosaics in Ravenna, Italy.

Why is the images of Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora present in San Vitale chapel?

It shows that the emperor derives his power from the church and the military. Theodora is holding a chalice, suggesting that she is part of the church.

What relationship do the mosaics of San Vitale establish between Justinian and Theodora?

The intention of stationing the mosaics in the church established the link between the Byzantine court and San Vitale, reflecting the “divine kingship” of Justinian, and honoring the royal couple as donors of the church.

What does the Justinian mosaic depict?

Explanation: Created in the sanctuary of the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna Italy, this mosaic depicts the Emperor Justinian I as the central authority between the church and the military-bureaucracy of the empire. The halo around the emperor’s head reinforces the concept of his divine authority.

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What is Empress Theodora holding?

One mosaic shows Emperor Justinian carrying a gold paten while the mosaic on the opposite wall of the apse depicts Empress Theodora holding a gold chalice as they prepare to enter the church.

Where is Empress Theodora and her attendants?

Empress Theodora and Her Attendants, Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy, c.

Who painted the court of Empress Theodora mosaic?

Empress Theodora and her Court (detail) by MOSAIC ARTIST, Byzantine.