Where is the artisan tailoring vanilla?

He’s in the building directly to the East of the Inn. Alliance players can learn Artisan Tailoring from Timothy Worthington in Dustwallow Marsh at Theramore Isle. He is on the top floor of a small building that is the first on the left after getting off the boat.

Where can I learn artisan tailoring?

Train Artisan Tailoring from Daryl Stack in Hillsbrad Foothills, or Timothy Worthington in Dustwallow Marsh.

How much runecloth do I need for 300 tailoring?

You’re now on the final tailoring pattern you’ll need to reach 300! These tough gloves also require rugged leather. Once you have enough for it, make a total of 20 runecloth gloves to reach the coveted 300 skill level mark. Congratulations on your new level 300 tailoring skill!

What level do you have to be to tailor a bag?

Tailoring allows players to cut and weave various pieces of cloth into armor, bags, shirts, and other cloth items.


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Stats +50 Spell power +20 Spirit
Level Tailoring 430
Recipe from Argent Crusade – Exalted
Use BoE
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What level is mageweave?

They are from level 48-51 or so and drop 1-3 mageweave about 80% of the time or better.

Where can I learn 300 375 tailoring?

TBC Tailoring Trainers (300-375)

You can learn the new TBC Tailoring skill from the Master Tailoring trainers at Outland. Horde: Dalinna in Hellfire Peninsula at Thrallmar.

Where can I farm vanilla linen cloth?

Best Places to Farm Linen Cloth in Classic WoW

  • Westfall.
  • Loch Modan / The Barrens.
  • Silverpine Forest.
  • Darkshore.

How do you get Tailoring past 150?

Journeyman Level: Can be learned at Level 10, when you reach 50 skill, goes up to 150; Expert Level: Can be learned at Level 20, when you reach 125 skill, goes up to 225; Artisan Level: Can be learned at Level 35, when you reach 200 skill, goes up to 300 and that is the highest Tailoring Level.

Is Tailoring good in TBC?

Tailoring. Tailoring will be the profession of choice for cloth-wearing classes like Warlock, which is the strongest DPS class in TBC. The profession provides numerous powerful pre-raid pieces of gear and also gives Warlocks their best-in-slot two-piece Spellstrike set.

What profession is good with tailoring?

Companion professions

Profession Recommended Companion Alternate Companion
Inscription Herbalism
Jewelcrafting Mining
Leatherworking Skinning
Tailoring Enchanting Skinning

How can I learn tailoring?

Some tailors have learned their craft by on-the-job training. Today, tailors can learn their craft at home with a book and an online college course. Most tailors have some training beyond high school and many tailors have an associate’s degree in fashion and design. Buy a sewing machine and sewing supplies.

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Can tailors make bags wow?

Bags. Only tailors are able to make bags. Players can acquire bags from loot drops, quests, or from merchants. However, tailors can provide bags in larger quantities, while also offering cheaper prices than trade merchants.

Where do I train mageweave bandage in vanilla?

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Requires skill level 240 to learn. Will be taught for free by Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Theramore Isle (alliance) and Doctor Gregory Victor in Hammerfall (horde).

Does Zul Farrak drop mageweave?

Lvl 48+ Searing Gorge: The Dark Iron dwarves drop Mageweave at a very good rate. If you have a high level, Zul’Farrak or Stratholme is also a great place to farm Mageweave.

Where do I train heavy mageweave bandage in vanilla?

The alliance trainer is in Theramore, Gustaf VanHausen. (He’s the same NPC that teaches you artisan first aid.) When you hit the skill level for it, talk to him again and he’ll teach you for free.