Why does my thread keep breaking on my long arm quilting machine?

The most common reason why thread shreds, frays, or breaks at the needle is because the eye is too small to accommodate the thread, causing stress and friction, which results in shredding or breaking the top thread.

What is the cause of needle thread breakage?

A pesky reason for the top thread problem is if the needle touches the needle plate. This could cause the needle to break or the thread to break. The jarring motion will snag the thread and break it, so make sure the needle is straight up and is hitting the correct part.

What thread do you use for long arm quilting?

A 40 or 50wt cotton quilting thread is probably one of the most common and widely used options for longarm quilting. One of the perks of cotton thread is that is carries no stretch to it, making it easy to sew with.

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What is the solution of needle thread breakage?

Needle Thread Breakage

Cause Remedy
Excessive needle heat; groove or eye blocked with melted fabric. Improve the fabric finish. Change to a better needle, style and finish. Apply needle lubricant via thread. Use a needle cooler.
Hook overheating. Ensure adequate oil supply. Check the needle to hook clearance.

Why does my thread keep shredding?

The most common reason why thread shreds, frays, or breaks at the needle is because the eye is too small to accommodate the thread, causing stress and friction, which results in shredding or breaking the top thread.

What tension should my sewing machine be on?

The dial settings run from 0 to 9, so 4.5 is generally the ‘default’ position for normal straight-stitch sewing. This should be suitable for most fabrics. If you are doing a zig-zag stitch, or another stitch that has width, then you may find that the bobbin thread is pulled through to the top.

What weight thread is best for quilting?

For most quilting on a home machine, a 40-weight cotton thread is an excellent choice. Because the 40 weight cotton thread is heavier than the finer 50 weight cotton thread, quilting stitches will show up more easily on the quilt.

Can you use serger thread on a long arm quilting machine?

Yes, you can quilt with the Maxi Lock thread.

It is 100% polyester thread which is thick and very strong. The all-purpose Maxi Lock thread comes in a 40-weight thread. … Some quilters have successfully made quilts with Maxi Lock serger thread on a longarm quilting machine.

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Is gutermann thread good for machine quilting?

#1: Superior Threads King TUT Quilting Thread #939 Heather

King TUT is a beautiful range of 135 different colors and shades and is made of 100% Egyptian Cotton. This heather #939 quality thread is a 40 Wt King Tut is a Wt, 3-ply extra-long staple cotton thread.

Why does my needle keep breaking when quilting?

There could be several reasons why the needle keeps breaking. Make sure the needle is correctly inserted with the flat side facing the back and pushed up into the machine as far as possible. The needle could have been damaged or bent. … The combination of needle size, thread size and fabric is incorrect.

What needle do you use for free motion quilting?

There are many needle types that are appropriate for Free Motion Quilting including Universal, Embroidery, Denim, Quilting, and my favorite, the Topstitch needle. Choose the size of the needle to match the weight of your thread. Replace your needle whenever starting a new project for best possible stitch formation.

How do you remedy the sewing machine troubles?


  1. Rethread machine properly again.
  2. Check and control pressure.
  3. Balance wheel should always be turned anti-clockwise.
  4. Rethread the machine properly.
  5. Check for thread insertion between tension disk and clean it in process.

What is the cause of fabric jams in machine?

The reason for the problem could be lint, dust and other debris getting stuck in their mechanism. The solution: Stop work, lift the presser foot and thoroughly clean the fee dogs from any debris. Also, make sure that they are lifted up in a raised position allowing for a proper grip of the fabric.

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Why does my sewing machine run noisily?

If your machine creates noises, it means that lint or oil are collected on the hook or needle bar. … Moreover, a noisy machine could also be a sign of needle damage, so check the needle for any damage and replace if needed.