You asked: How does Mama view the quilts in Everyday Use?

The quilts serve as a testament to a family’s history of pride and struggle. With the limitations that poverty and lack of education placed on her life, Mama considers her personal history one of her few treasures. Her house contains the handicrafts of her extended family.

How does mama feel about the quilts in Everyday Use?

In Alice Walker’s short story “Everyday Use,” Mama feels comfortable leaving the quilts to Maggie rather than to Dee (Wangero) for a number of reasons, including the following: She wants to affirm Maggie, who lacks the self-confidence that Dee possesses in abundance. Dee doesn’t need much affirmation from others.

Why are the quilts valuable to Mama?

The family quilts have become valuable to Dee only because she wishes to gather some artifacts from her former home. It has now become fashionable for her to have things on display that relate to African heritage, so she has become interested in cultural history.

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What does Mama do to show that the quilts belong to Maggie?

When Mama tells Dee that she’s already promised the family quilts to Maggie, Dee actually calls Maggie “backward” because Maggie would put the quilts to “everyday use.” This is precisely what Mama would want her to do.

What does Mama decide to do with the quilts?

Mama wants to give her a purpose, a use, in the quilts. Mama gives her the quilts as a way of acknowledging her past and her pride in her heritage, home, and the “everyday use” of heirlooms.

Why is Mama closer to Maggie in Everyday Use?

Expert Answers

Mama and Maggie are very close. Mama is protective over Maggie because Maggie is painfully shy and does not stand up for herself. Maggie was also burned in the fire that destroyed their former house, so she is ashamed of her skin that was burned.

What do you think about the mother’s decision in the story Everyday Use?

Later on in the passage the mother say that “ Dee is lighter than Maggie, with nicer hair and a fuller figure.” The mother’s decision to compliment Dee gives her self-confidence and shows the mother’s love for her. However, the mother’s decision to compliment Dee and not Maggie puts a strain on their family.

Why was the quilt important in Everyday Use?

The quilts in “Everyday Use” are important because they were made by members of the Johnson family and have been pieced together with work shirts, Civil War uniforms and scraps of cloth. They are representative of the Johnson family history and mean a great deal to “Mama” and Maggie.

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How does Mama View Dee at the end of the story?

Dee never really had true friends, just people who admired her intelligence and listened to what she had to say. But at the end of the story, Mama realizes that Dee does not really want to be a part of the Johnson family and its traditions–she simply wants to make the family’s heritage a spectacle to show her friends.

What do the handmade quilts symbolize in Everyday Use?

It’s kind of a no-brainer to conclude that the quilts in “Everyday Use” symbolize family heritage. They were handmade by the narrator, her sister, and her mother, and they’re comprised of clothing worn by generations of family members.

How does Mama treat Maggie in everyday use?

The mother is inclined to be protective of Maggie because of her personality and the accident that she had when she was young. She understands that the scar on Maggie’s face had an impact on her self-esteem and confidence. Mrs. Johnson is not as worried about Dee as she is about Maggie.

What do the quilts symbolize in everyday use quizlet?

The quilt symbolizes the family’s heritage.

Who does Mama give the quilts to?

Expert Answers

Mama, the narrator, ultimately gives the family quilts to Maggie instead of Dee (Wangero) because she recognizes that Dee gets everything she wants, that she’s even already claimed the quilts as her own, because they were promised to Maggie, and because Maggie is the daughter who wants them for the…

How does Mama choose to resolve the conflict over the quilts in everyday use?

Mama chooses to give the quilts to Maggie instead of Dee even though the former had already surrendered to her sister. This was because mama realizes how Maggie had always been bullied for her docile and giving nature.

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What hit Mama in everyday use?

Mama was hit by the realization that it was Maggie, and not her pretentious sister Dee, who deserved the quilts. In that moment, she understood the nature of her two children in a way that she had not a moment before.

What does the quilt mean to Mama?

The quilts were not meant to be decorative but were meant to be used. For Mama and Maggie, the quilts represent family and togetherness and the things about life that have not changed over the past several hundred years. They are a symbol that love and creativity can thrive no matter what the circumstances.